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Snowmobile group tours in Northwestern Ontario
Rushing River Provincial Park in winterPop-ups are a must for success at ice fishingwinter sunset over farm near Rainy Riversunset on late winter day in Ontario

Ontario, Canada Snowmobile Trails, Trips and Tours

Ontario Snowmobiling and Cross Country Skiing There are literally thousands of miles of groomed snowmobile trails in Ontario, Canada. These make our area a great destination for your next winter snowmobile vacation. Our trails are maintained by volunteer snowmobile clubs and run across lakes and through the forests. Town loops ensure you can access the trail system from any town or city. The best part about our snowmobile trails is the fact there is no congestion and great riding conditions await you. Wide and well-marked trails ensure safety and enjoyment for riders of all levels of experience. The key is to have fun and you do this by dressing warm, staying on the trail and obey the regulations. This includes buying a local trail permit from the club in the area you'll be riding. After a fun-filled day on the trails stay at one of our winter resorts, hotels, motels or B&Bs and relax in a winter wonderland. Enjoy good times with your friends and have a warm beverage by the fireplace.

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Snowmobile trails in Ontario, Canada

Snowmobile Paradise Ontario

Northwest Ontario Snowmobile Trails Association

Below are links to hotel and motel accommodations that are open in the winter as well as resorts and lodges that offer snowmobiling packages. Some of the tourist operators also offer snowmobile rentals.

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Gateway North Outfitters [Website | Summary]
If you enjoy snowmobiling, we offer remote outpost lakes for winter ice fishing where you can snowmobile to your destination.
RR2 Emo Ontario, Canada P0W 1E0
Kakabeka Falls Hotel/Carriage House Motel [Website | Summary]
Snowmobilers will enjoy the great hospitality, dining and rooms when they stay at the Kakabeka Falls Motor Hotel/Carriage House Motel. Snowmobiling trails are abundant in this part of Ontario.
4756 Hwy 11/71, Box 240 Kakabeka Falls Ontario, Canada P0T 1W0

Halley's Camps, Inc. [Website | Summary]
Enjoy a winter snowmobile weekend getaway with a stay at One Man Lake Lodge, enjoy snowmobile trails or ice fishing.
Box 15 Minaki Ontario, Canada P0X 1J0
807-224-6531 or 800-465-3325
Harris Hill Resort - Lake of the Woods [Website | Summary]
Our resort between Rainy River & Morson, Ontario is open in winter for you to enjoy snowmobiling on groomed snowmobile trails or Lake of the Woods ice fishing. Snowmobile or drive your vehicle to one of our heated ice shacks on our Ice Road.
RR1 Rainy River Ontario, Canada P0W 1L0
807-488-1116 or 855-488-1116

North Country Lodge [Website | Summary]
RR1 Site 5, Box 4 Vermilion Bay Ontario, Canada P0V 2V0
807-227-5245 or 800-989-7919
Cedar Point Lodge [Website | Summary]
There is miles and miles of snowmobiling trails in Vermilion bay on both lake and land.
Box 19 Waldhof Ontario, Canada P0V 2X0
807-227-2066 or 888-722-4610

Branch's Seine River Lodge Outfitters [Website | Summary]
Located on Atikokan's award winning trail system. Warm, comfortable modern cabins for your winter adventure base!
Box 546 Atikokan Ontario P0T 1C0
807-947-2391 or 866-443-4414
Marr's Perch Lake Lodge [Website | Summary]
Discover the stunning scenery of the Canadian Shield while touring the snowmobile trails. The lodge is located adjacent to the TOPS Trail System's groomed snowmobile trail, which has direct access to Atikokan, Ignace, Crane Lake & Minnesota Trails.
Box 1593 Atikokan Ontario, Canada P0T 1C0
807-597-1233 or 888-737-2455

Crystal Beach Resort [Website | Summary]
If you are looking for winter activities, enjoy snowmobiling in the Atikokan area of Northwestern Ontario.
Box 878 Atikokan Ontario, Canada P0T 1C0
Nature's Inn [Website | Summary]
There are several different snowmobile trails near the hotel.
Box 370, 50 Detta Rd. Balmertown Ontario, Canada P0V 1C0

Rex Tolton's Miles Bay Camp [Website | Summary]
Box 66 Devlin Ontario, Canada P0W 1C0
Best Western Plus Dryden Hotel & Conference Centre [Website | Summary]
For the avid snowmobiler we are located in Dryden, Ontario directly on the groomed snowmobile trails. You can go snowmobiling right from or to your hotel room!
349 Government Street Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2P4
807-223-3201 or 888-394-2378

Davis' Bonny Bay Camp [Website | Summary]
If you are looking for winter adventures in the Dryden area, Davis' Bonny Bay Camp stays open for winter activities such as snowmobiling & cross country skiing.
Box 39, Site 110, RR1 Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2Y4
807-938-6696 or 866-815-5971
Harris Bay Resort [Website | Summary]
If you enjoy winter activities then why not go snowmobiling on our many trails in Northwestern Ontario or ride your snowmobile on the lakes to go ice fishing.
Box 187 Ignace Ontario, Canada P0T 1T0
807-934-6923 or 800-490-6886

Smith Camps and Old Pilots Pub [Website | Summary]
If you enjoy winter activities we are open in the winter to accomodate those of you who like snowmobliling, ice fishing, crossing country skiing in the Kenora area.
Box 293 Kenora Ontario, Canada P9N 3X3
807-548-5764 or 888-416-6628
Super 8 Motel - Kenora [Website | Summary]

240 Lakeview Dr. Kenora Ontario P9N 0H2
807-468-8016 or 800-800-8000

Muskie Bay Resort [Website | Summary]
Snowmobiles are available for ice fishing. You can travel by snowmobile to remote lakes that are only accessible by plane in the summer time.
Box 83 Nestor Falls Ontario P0X 1K0
807-484-2332 or 877-228-2076
Moosehorn Lodge [Website | Summary]
Moosehorn Lodge is open in the winter time, for anyone looking to go snomobiling.
Box 579 Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1A8
807-737-2630 or 800-682-6123

Crawford's Camp [Website | Summary]
For snowmobling, at Crawfords Camp in the Sioux Narrows area we have snowmobile trails that go right past the lodge. If you are ice fishing or just joy riding we have accomodations for you.
Box 330 Sioux Narrows Ontario P0X 1N0
807-226-5646 or 888-266-3474
Stanley's Resort [Website | Summary]
Snowmobiling is a great way to spend a winter day enjoying a ride through the wilderness of Ontario. Cross frozen lakes, through forests or just for a days outing for ice fishing, you are sure to have great fun.
Box 174 Vermilion Bay Ontario, Canada P0V 2V0
807-227-2199 or 800-461-1444

Town of Atikokan [Website | Summary]
Box 1330, 120 Mark St. Atikokan Ontario, Canada P0T 1C0
Charleson Recreation Area [Website | Summary]
O'Brien St Atikokan Ontario

Corporation of the Municipality of Red Lake [Website | Summary]
Box 1000, 2 Fifth Street Balmertown Ontario, Canada P0V 1C0
Campbell's Cabins (1987) Ltd. [Website | Summary]
7540 Gold Coast Road Crane Lake Minnesota 55725
807-485-2441 or 800-238-4224

Lake Despair Lodge [Website | Summary]
PO Box 130 Devlin Ontario, Canada P0W 1C0
Chalet Inn Motel & Restaurant [Website | Summary]
184 Government Rd. Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2N9
807-223-2335 or 800-563-1277

Merkel's Camp [Website | Summary]
PO Box 473 Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2Z2
807-938-6428 or 888-521-3872
Rugby Lake Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 23 Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2Y7

Tourism Dryden [Website | Summary]
284 Government Street Dryden Ontario, Canada P8N 2P3
807-223-2174 or 800-667-0935
Township of Ear Falls [Website | Summary]
Box 309 Ear Falls Ontario, Canada P0V 1T0

Township of Emo [Website | Summary]
Box 520 Emo Ontario, Canada P0W 1E0
Border Country Outfitters Inc. [Website | Summary]
Box 208 Emo Ontario, Canada P0W 1E0

La Place Rendez-Vous Hotel [Website | Summary]
1201 Idylwild Dr. B2-RR2 Fort Frances Ontario, Canada P9A 3M3
807-274-9811 or 800-544-9435
Barker Bay Resort & Outposts [Website | Summary]
Box 157 Fort Frances Ontario, Canada P9A 3M6

Town of Fort Frances [Website | Summary]
Box 38 Fort Frances Ontario, Canada P9A 3M5
Super 8 Motel - Fort Frances [Website | Summary]
810 King's Highway Fort Frances Ontario, Canada P9A 2X4
807-274-4945 or 800-800-8000

Timber Wolf Lodge [Website | Summary]
Box 97 Fort Frances Ontario, Canada P9A 3M5
Press Lake Camp [Website | Summary]
Box 1077 Ignace Ontario, Canada P0T 1T0

Township of Ignace [Website | Summary]
Box 248 Ignace Ontario, Canada P0T 1T0
Agimac River Outfitters [Website | Summary]
Box 930 Ignace Ontario, Canada P0T 1T0
807-934-6922 or 877-934-6922

Lakeside Inn & Conference Centre [Summary]
470 First Ave S Kenora Ontario, Canada P9N 1W5
807-468-5521 or 800-465-1120
Kenora Travelodge [Website | Summary]
800 Highway 17 East Kenora Ontario, Canada P9N 1L9
807-468-3155 or 800-465-1127

MacKenzie Lodge [Website | Summary]
RR2, Bigstone Bay Rd., S220, C1 Kenora Ontario, Canada P9N 3W8
Halverson's Camp [Website | Summary]
Box 98 Nestor Falls Ontario, Canada P0X 1C0

Pickett's Lodge [Summary]
RR2 Pickle Lake Ontario P0V 3A0
Township of Pickle Lake [Website | Summary]
Box 340, 2 Anne St. Pickle Lake Ontario, Canada P0V 3A0

Town of Rainy River [Website | Summary]
Box 488, 401 Atwood Ave. Rainy River Ontario, Canada P0W 1L0
Sioux Lookout Travel Information Centre/ Chamber of Commerce [Website | Summary]
Box 397, 11 First Avenue S. Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1A8

West Point Cove Camp [Website | Summary]
Box 1532, 11 Grand Trunk Rd Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada P8T 1C3
Crystal Harbour Resort Hotel [Website | Summary]
Box 278 Sioux Narrows Ontario, Canada P0X 1N0
807-226-5233 or 888-589-6056

TWP of Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls [Website | Summary]
Box 417 Sioux Narrows Ontario, Canada P0X 1N0
Sioux Narrows/Nestor Falls Tourism [Website | Summary]
Box 417 Sioux Narrows Ontario, Canada P0X 1N0
807-226-5293 or 800-501-4430

City of Thunder Bay [Website | Summary]
Box 800, 500 E. Donald St. Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada P7C 5K4
807-625-3880 or 800-667-8386
Clark's Camp & KC's Landing Resort [Website | Summary]
Box 10 Vermilion Bay Ontario P0V 2V0
807-227-2154 or 866-744-2154

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